1 Antique Exterior Stained Glass 34x87 Entryway Door Vintage White Old 455 -21B

$ 695.00

Very nice stained glass exterior entryway door. The listing is for (1) one door. The door does have 11 individual panes of glass. The door is missing the larger center clear glass pane, all the stained glass boarder panes are complete and in good condition. The stained glass is a mix of Ruby red, Green, and Amber. The glazing is starting crumble loose and will need be re glazed. The door is in a old worn chipped white finish, with a worn medium varnished backside.  This is a right swing door. The door is peppered along the top with nail holes(last photo).  This is a salvaged piece, nails, nail holes, splits and cracks should be expected. Overall this door is in solid condition. The door does have  metal door knob plates and mortis lock, there is no knob or hinges included.  Please look over the pictures and ask questions when needed. Thanks for looking

Measures approx.: 

 SHIPPING - Buyer could try a U- ship to get quotes from multiple carriers, or we may offer blanket wrapped delivery based on distance. please provide zip code if you would like a quote.

 door- 87 1/4" tall X 34" wide X 1 3/4" thick   Large Pane size: 24 3/4" wide x 41" tall

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