VTG Mid-century Steel Industrial Shop 4 Lite 33x42 Push Out Top Window 402-24B

$ 295.00

Cool Mid-century steel industrial shop 4 lite window with clear glass. The window has 4 individual panes of glass the lower 2 panes are missing. The top 2 panes are complete but do rattle around in the frame as most the glazing has crumbled loose.  The top 2 lite section push's outwards. There is a small turn/lock handle on the top. The top 2 lite section does pivot out but doesn't push out all the way.  it should but does lock closed tightly. The steel frame is complete without any breaks.  The window is in a surface rust finish with some silver paint remaining on the backside.  Would make a great addition to a garage, loft or garden shed, among many other uses. Overall, good condition. Please look over the pictures and ask questions when needed. Thanks for looking!

Measures Approx: overall: 33 3/4" wide x 43" tall x 7/8" thick
Rough in. 32 1/2" wide x 42" tall x 3/4" thick
Pane face size: 15 1/4" x 19 1/4"
Top opens: 8" depth overall sticks should open to 12"
Opening section: 20 1/2" tall x 31" wide 

PK. 36" X 46" X 6" - 45Lbs.

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