Antique 60" Wood Porch Span Spindles White Old Victorian Gingerbread 236-17E

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Nice antique porch 60" spandrel with 12 decorative wood spindles. Spans Went Above Head Between Columns, Great to display over headboard or sofa  Nice Accent piece, Original chipped and crackled old crusty white paint. Some of the paint is loose and will flake off during shipping. It has normal wear associated with age and weather exposure, chipping paint, weather checks, nails, nail holes, minor separations at joints and small chips and splinters in the wood, but no rot of soft spots. Overall good solid condition. Please look over the pictures and ask questions when needed. Thanks for looking. \nMeasures approx: \n69"long X 9 5/8"tall \ntop rail 2 1/4"wide\nBottom rail 2 7/8"wide\nSpindles 6 3/4"tall with a 2"diameter at the center\n

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