Antique Tin Ceiling 2' x 2' Shabby Vintage Old 24" SQ Mocha 945-21B

$ 59.00

Up for your consideration is (1) one  2' X 2' (24" SQ)  Embossed metal tin ceiling panel with a very decorative repeating 12" pattern. We have (20) available at the start of this listing. You will receive a random one from the lot and may not be one photo'd. They are in a dirty mocha color finish, with rust. Tin had a wipe down and will need additional cleaning as the backs are dirty. Would be great to reuse or re purpose into something else. It is in salvaged condition, it will have nail holes, bends, dents, rust.  Overall good salvaged condition. Please look over the pictures and ask questions when needed. Thanks for looking 

 Approx. Measurements : 24 3/8" x 24 1/8"