VTG Rheem Ceramic Lilac Lavender Porcelain Toilet Bowl Tank lid Retro 220-22E

$ 1,445.00

Very nice vintage retro ceramic Lavender porcelain toilet. It is marked Rheem and is dated 1965. The porcelain shows normal wear, minor scratches & scuffs, and some black scuffs around the mounting holes on the foot of the bowl, the chrome flush lever has some light scratches and a little oxidization. The internal tank components look to be complete but are untested. Overall good salvaged condition. Please look over the pictures and ask questions when needed. Thanks for looking 

Measures approx.-  

Overall - 30 1/4"tall x 22"wide x 27"depth

14 5/8" from the floor to the rim of the bowl

Seat mounts - 5 1/2"on center

Waste out - 3 1/4"outside diameter

Rough in - 12"

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